Thank you very much Lisa for your help with my new Trust Account. Thank you for being super kind, understanding and patient with me yet always very professional. Once again a big thank you.

PZ - Sept 2023

Having spent weeks calling lots of different banks trying to find one who would offer a trust account, I was relieved to come across Lisa via a Google search. A time consuming, complicated process suddenly became very easy. Lisa was knowledgeable and responsive and took the pain away. Many thanks Lisa!

TS - July 2023

Firstly I wanted to thank you for all your help along the way with setting up these accounts. What I thought would be a nightmare turned into quite the opposite- because of you. You were clear about what was required from us with regards to the supporting documentation for our applications. The systems you have in place to support the collecting and collating of these documents made it easy for us. Finally - you were a joy to deal with, talking me through the process without using the usual brain fogging jargon, and I appreciated your instant understanding of my situation and the requirements for the accounts. I would have no hesitation in using your company again or recommending you to anyone who needs this type of service.

DT - June 2023

I can confirm that I was impressed by the service provided by Lisa. Dealing with Simpson Financial Services meant that we had access to providers who were not currently dealing with the general public so that sourcing a trust account provider was greatly simplified. Lisa was helpful throughout, dealing with questions promptly, ensuring that we had provided all the necessary information and progress chasing with the provider to get the account set up in the shortest time possible.

PB - June 2023

I am very happy to recommend the services of Lisa Simpson at Simpson Financial Services having successfully secured a Trust account for my father’s art work. Lisa had been suggested by our solicitor and given the complexity of setting up a Trust account nowadays, I am eternally grateful for that suggestion. She was delightful to deal with, patient and understanding and delivered what we needed with minimum fuss and maximum clarity. If this is a service that you need, look no further. 

JS - May 2023

Thank you for getting the trust accounts open Lisa Simpson. Very helpful and professional. Can always call up to get help and advice immediately.

DV - May 2023

We were recommended Lisa Simpson as a specialist in the setting up of Bank Trust accounts. She offered advice in a very professional and sensitive manner at a very difficult time for us. The Trust Accounts were set up and activated in an efficient and timely fashion. I can only thank Lisa for the excellent, professional service that she provided throughout. Thank you Lisa.

MB - May 2023

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lisa and the team. She was professional, thorough, and always responded quickly to any queries. She managed to get a Trust account set up quickly and made what was a stressful situation much easier. Worth the money and wish I'd contacted her earlier! Thank you Lisa!

SB - May 2023

Lisa Simpson was very helpful and transparent in explaining the procedure and costs of setting up a Trust Bank Account.  After weeks of frustration when I couldn't find a bank which would allow me to open a Trust Account directly I was very relieved to find that through Lisa the procedure was simple and executed in a very timely manner.

Thank you

LS - April 2023

Lisa has been the most helpful and professional person that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She had all the solutions I needed in setting up Trust accounts after the loss of my brother which prior to seeking Lisa’s services had proven impossible. Because of matters on my part, things weren’t always straight forward and yet Lisa dealt with them in the most professional and patient manner, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

KV - April 2023