“I contacted Simpson Financial services via an internet search when I wanted advice about setting up a bank account specifically to manage a Life Interest Trust Fund. I had found out that just popping into the local bank and setting this up was no longer an option; as I was to learn, this is an area that requires careful thought and planning and, it seems, the local High street names are no longer interested.

All my dealings have been with Lisa and from the initial phone call onwards I have found her to be extremely helpful and friendly. She took the time to allow me to explain, in my waffly sort of way, what I thought I wanted and then gently steered me towards the correct solution. The process of setting up a Trustee Account can be onerous, with lots of information required at the application stages, but Lisa took me through this step by step and, when all was ready for submission, she sent me the completed application form for checking and signatures; thus taking away the inevitable thousand more questions I would have posed as I dealt with each and every question.

Throughout the process, Lisa was always on hand to answer my queries, either by email or phone, and she always showed patience and understanding. In the end, I have ended up with exactly what I wanted and I am far more happy with my understanding of Trusts now than when I started this process.

All in all, I can honestly say that the service I received from Simpson Financial Services was second to none; personal yet professional, they were a delight to do business with.”

Fullerton - 2016

"I needed to set up three Trustee accounts for the children. I telephoned my private banker who was not very helpful and the internet was, as ever, a bit confusing with lots of information but no filter. Simpson Financial Services' website was pretty clear however, offering a bespoke approach in particular.

I contacted the team and had an almost immediate response from Lisa. After a couple of emails and a telephone call, everything was sorted.

She then sent me the rather bewildering forms clearly marking the areas that we needed to complete. The other Trustees and I signed the documents and less than a week later,  the three Trustee accounts were set up with everything that I had requested including full online access. The process couldn’t have been more simple and efficient."

Harris - 2016

"I suspect opening Trustee bank accounts would have been extremely tedious and time consuming without your assistance, which I found to be well worth the fee, given the value of the fund and bearing in mind the responsibilities and duties of Trustees.  I found the services that you have provided excellent."

Byard - 2016