When first requested by our Solicitor to open a Trust Account for the Trustees of my Father in law’s Will Trust, I assumed it was just a matter of speaking to one of the high street banks,  however, this proved to be incorrect and so I decided to investigate on the internet and found Simpson Financial Services and spoke with Lisa Simpson who helped us through this complicated process. 

We would definitely recommend them as Lisa was extremely helpful and the fees were very reasonable.

MP - April 2019

I echo many of the comments on this site; I was struggling to establish a Trust bank account with two siblings.  My high street bank was simply not interested and trawling through the internet was depressing and a waste of time … until I came across the Simpson Financial Services site. 

Lisa contacted me immediately to talk through what they could facilitate.  All paperwork was dealt with promptly in a friendly, efficient manner.  Acknowledgement of paperwork and progress received via email and phone calls.  It is a tremendous relief to all of my family that the Trust account is now up and running.  Thank you.

(And thank you for drying out the paperwork after it got wet on a particularly rainy day)

LJ - April 2019

I needed to set up trustee accounts for my two children who had inherited money from their grandfather. My initial assumption, that this would be easy to do without help, proved incorrect – it is a very confusing and complicated process, and there is little clear guidance available online.

I had nearly given up, and was about to approach a local solicitor as a last resort, when I found Simpson FS online. After reading through their site I realised that they seemed to offer exactly what I needed, so I contacted Lisa.

From that point on I had no concerns at all. After our initial phone conversation, Lisa guided me through every step of the process. She took the time to understand my needs, then found a number of options which provided me with what I needed, explaining the differences and allowing me to make the right choice. She did all the painful admin and form-filling, and everything was sent to me in a timely and professional manner.

The end result was online trustee accounts set up with a private bank which exactly meet the brief, and all done swiftly and smoothly. I would recommend Simpson FS to anyone needing guidance and help choosing and setting up a trustee account.

RK – March 2019

‘After a long and drawn out probate period, the solicitors informed us that funds from my late Uncle’s estate could be released into a Trust. We just needed to set up a Trustee account. Simple, right?

I couldn’t have been more wrong. None of the high street banks seem to do them anymore and weren’t very helpful when I contacted customer services. It quickly became apparent that this would be yet another long winded hurdle to get over.

Luckily, I came across Simpson Financial Services. They appeared to offer exactly the thing I was after - to source and set up a trustee account.

It sounded too good to be true but a couple of phone calls, a bit of information gathering and a simple form to complete and that was it.

The service was friendly, professional, informed, speedy and, most important of all, it took all the stress out of the situation for me. I was given regular updates throughout each state of the process and was confident I was in safe hands.

Extremely well recommended.’

AL – December 2018

"Everything already said in previous testimonials we can agree with and appreciate fully. We approached our own bank and had no joy or help with opening a trustee account. We had also approached a specialist bank ourselves but they wanted a substantial initial deposit just to open such an account.

We found Simpson FS on an internet search and at what was already a difficult time, Lisa took the reins and dealt with everything and sourced just the right account for us with a nil opening balance.

It would have been something quite troublesome and time consuming, and expensive, to set up otherwise. We were also more than happy to pay the fee for taking the task off our shoulders. The application went through first time, had we muddled through the form and documentations ourselves we could have had several queries raised and delays as a result. A professional service, excellent communication, complete peace of mind. I will be recommending Lisa to not only my own clients but also to my own IFA.

Very grateful and pleased we found them."

JF - July 2017

"I am one of 3 Trustees named in a Will and we had no success approaching local banks/building societies for an account that would allow 3 names on the account, or that would allow the size of deposit involved in this case.

I found Simpsons Trustee Accounts service via an internet search and spoke to Lisa, who explained the service offered, fee and timescales. I am pleased to say that Simpsons were very efficient, communicated promptly and clearly, made the rather complex account application form filling relatively easy, and that we now have an account that seems to satisfy our needs.

I say ‘seems’ because the account has been open only a couple of months and we haven’t done any transactions on it yet apart from initial transfer of funds, although I did phone the bank and they answered promptly and were very helpful

Simpsons involvement was a great relief to we Trustees and, based on my experience, I can thoroughly recommend their Trustees Account service."

GC - May 2017

“I contacted Simpson Financial services via an internet search when I wanted advice about setting up a bank account specifically to manage a Life Interest Trust Fund. I had found out that just popping into the local bank and setting this up was no longer an option; as I was to learn, this is an area that requires careful thought and planning and, it seems, the local High street names are no longer interested.

All my dealings have been with Lisa and from the initial phone call onwards I have found her to be extremely helpful and friendly. She took the time to allow me to explain, in my waffly sort of way, what I thought I wanted and then gently steered me towards the correct solution. The process of setting up a Trustee Account can be onerous, with lots of information required at the application stages, but Lisa took me through this step by step and, when all was ready for submission, she sent me the completed application form for checking and signatures; thus taking away the inevitable thousand more questions I would have posed as I dealt with each and every question.

Throughout the process, Lisa was always on hand to answer my queries, either by email or phone, and she always showed patience and understanding. In the end, I have ended up with exactly what I wanted and I am far more happy with my understanding of Trusts now than when I started this process.

All in all, I can honestly say that the service I received from Simpson Financial Services was second to none; personal yet professional, they were a delight to do business with.”

Fullerton - 2016

"I needed to set up three Trustee accounts for the children. I telephoned my private banker who was not very helpful and the internet was, as ever, a bit confusing with lots of information but no filter. Simpson Financial Services' website was pretty clear however, offering a bespoke approach in particular.

I contacted the team and had an almost immediate response from Lisa. After a couple of emails and a telephone call, everything was sorted.

She then sent me the rather bewildering forms clearly marking the areas that we needed to complete. The other Trustees and I signed the documents and less than a week later,  the three Trustee accounts were set up with everything that I had requested including full online access. The process couldn’t have been more simple and efficient."

Harris - 2016

"I suspect opening Trustee bank accounts would have been extremely tedious and time consuming without your assistance, which I found to be well worth the fee, given the value of the fund and bearing in mind the responsibilities and duties of Trustees.  I found the services that you have provided excellent."

Byard - 2016