Thank you for all your help setting up the account. You have been very responsive, efficient and clear and altogether a pleasure to deal with.

AW - May 2021

As a historic Executor for my late Aunts Will I was desperate to put the retained estate into a Will Trust Fund . I found little help. The Solicitor handling the Estate declined to help because of the time involved. The Building Society holding my Aunt’s Account did not provide Trust Accounts.

My own Bank did have Trust Accounts but the paperwork given to me appeared unnecessarily complex and with 9 beneficiaries with an interest in the Estate ,scattered throughout the United Kingdom , the amount of work appeared insurmountable. In extremis I found Simpson Financial Services Ltd on the internet and thankfully ‘hit the Jackpot’. Lisa

Simpson , The Trust Specialist , with her easy friendly efficient manner guided me through the process effortlessly, in spite of Covid restrictions , to bring the whole matter to a successful conclusion. I cannot thank Lisa enough for her help and advice.

AH - March 2021

I contacted Simpson Financial Services when I was faced with trying to open a bank account for Trustees to handle funds for a family member living overseas. I had found it impossible to do myself. Lisa Simpson initially 'phoned me, without obligation, to discuss what I was seeking to do.

After understanding the difficulties of finding a bank, and the  steps needed to open an account, I had no hesitation in employing Lisa for this task. She was very professional and efficient, making sure that the large number of documents collected from all Trustees was organised ready to be presented to banks willing to open an account. Lisa ensured there were no delays.

She kept in touch at every stage, always replied to messages and 'phone calls and was very patient when Trustees made mistakes with paperwork! I found her to be kind and supportive throughout a difficult task. I could not have achieved the successful opening of an account without Lisa's professional help and advice.

TB - March 2021

I needed to open a discretionary Trustee Account in accordance with my uncles will. I never dreamt how difficult this could be. Contacted every high street bank I could think of and a few building societies with no luck at all.

Finally a friend told me about Lisa at Simpson Financial Services. Oh what joy she was wonderful, found me a bank account advised me what paperwork was required, filled out the application for me.

Bank account opened and operating in no time and all done via the internet. Absolutely brilliant service, I really cannot thank her enough she really was my saviour. Thank you Lisa

SJ - Feb 2021

Great work and many – actually huge - thanks.  We will make sure that the first bill paid is yours!

PB - Feb 2021

We had been trying to set up a Trust Account for over 10months with our regular high street bank who we have been with for over 30 years. Half way through the process they decided they didn't do private trust accounts anymore, they then told us they did so we started the process again, and believe it or not then told us they didn't for a second time! Most of the other banks we talked with wanted all of our bank accounts transferred to them.

Our High Street bank referred us to their private clients division, who could open the account...the only problem was they need £1m deposited in terms of investments! I found Lisa's details online but I was very sceptical, however the whole process was super efficient and sorted within the month! Great result!

GT - Feb 2021

I was at my wits end trying to locate and open a trustee account. I found Simpson Financial online . Filled in form for call back. The call back from Lisa made me see a light at the end of the tunnel. She told me what to send her and then filled in all forms. Lisa found an account and all the account details arrived at my home. Even when the bank sent me a form to fill in Lisa called me to talk me through the form. Thanks for everything

PMC - Jan 2021

I know from experience how difficult and complicated it is for a layperson to deal with Trust matters, so my heart sank when I was called on to set up another Trust account. In desperation I turned to the Web, stumbled upon Simpsons Financial Services and contacted Lisa. She was extremely helpful, engaging immediately with my particular problem, and helped me to resolve it quickly and simply.

I doubt I could have found such a satisfactory solution on my own. Lisa was friendly, approachable and efficient; I would certainly ask for her help again in the future, should I need it. I recommend her without reservation.

NO - Jan 2021

All the way through the process Lisa was knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. She quickly identified trustee account options for us and clearly explained the details of each. Lisa made opening the account a pain-free process. Would definitely use Simpsons FS if we ever needed another trustee bank account.

AG - Nov 2020

Having been advised by my own personal Bank that they do not now handle the work of opening a Trustee Bank Account, I looked at several Companies on the internet that specialise in this work. I was very fortunate to have chosen Simpsons Financial Services.

The opening of this account was carried out by Lisa Simpson in an excellent and efficient manner. The Trustee Bank Account was opened in a matter of a few days. From the moment I contacted Simpsons Financial Services Ltd they were very helpful and efficient at all times. I have no hesitation in recommending this Company.

PJH - Nov 2020