Thank you very much for all of your hard work with getting the account opening sorted. It is a huge weight off of our minds.

RB - March 2020

Thank you so much for your help setting up the Trust account.  I was at the end of my tether with the high street banks and you made it all happen!  You were well worth your fee!!!

RB - March 2020

Thank you for all your efforts and making this process seamless, really appreciated

JS - March 2020

Many thanks for all your help over the last few months setting up funds from both my mother’s and sister’s estates. I wouldn’t have known where to even start with such a complicated set up for trust accounts. We finally got there! I would certainly recommend your services to others in the future

CS - Jan 2020

As part of the sale of our parents’ house, my sister and I were required to set up a Will Trust Account to deposit the proceeds of our late mother’s share of the house. The solicitor provided no guidance on this process and we assumed it would be a straightforward case of contacting banks ourselves.  It was not that simple!

Fortunately, I discovered Simpson Financial Services.  During the first phone call with Lisa, I had confidence that she understood our requirements, and from that point on, the whole process was simple and extremely efficient.  Lisa recommended products, listened to our feedback, answered all queries and assisted in finding the best return on our investment.  She always replied to e-mails promptly and all information was clearly explained.  Lisa liaised with the banks, provided updates at all stages and we could not believe how quickly the relevant accounts were set up. The whole transaction was straightforward and stress free. Thank you!

I would not hesitate in recommending Simpson Financial Services.

HF - Nov 2019

Having looked into setting up trustee accounts for my niece and nephew and been totally bewildered and frustrated by the lack of advice both on the high street and the internet, it was such a relief to find Simpson Financial Services.

Lisa has been absolutely fantastic - such a help in setting up an account and everything was explained really clearly.  The whole process was made very simple and the account opened quickly.

Thank you for being so friendly and professional and providing such an efficient service.

CS - Oct 2019

Can’t thank Lisa enough for getting a trustee account set up for my daughter. Have been trying to get an account opened and wasted weeks of my time with high street banks who had no idea what I needed and the solicitor who drew up the trust made it sound easy as just walking into a bank which was far from the truth! A cry for help on the internet search gave me the number for Simpson Financial Services, Lisa at the time was on annual leave and Hannah explained the process and we sorted all the documents out in readiness for Lisa’s return and 2 days of Lisa returning everything was submitted and account opened within a week.

So grateful to both for being so professional and prompt and understanding my sheer desperation to get an account sorted.

PS - Sept 2019

As executors of my late father’s will my step sister and I were charged with setting up a family trust for a moderate lump sum. We were very unclear on how to go about the task and worried by the legal implications. Luckily an internet search turned up SFS. I was delighted with the sound advice and clarity provided by Lisa.

The one-off service to source and open a suitable account offered good value for money and put our minds at rest. A very professional yet friendly service, all done via phone, email and post within a month, with no ongoing management fees. Thoroughly recommend.

JN - Sept 2019

After extensive research into setting up a Bare Trust for my children, I found Simpson Financial Services who offered the only practical solution to opening a bank account for the trust. Even the solicitors I contacted were clueless and had given up trying to open accounts for their clients! Lisa made the process very straightforward and once the required paperwork had been supplied the account was opened very quickly.

I cannot recommend her services more highly. Thank you!

BD - Aug 2019

Thank you so much for all your help in setting up the trusts as I have previously said life would be so much easier if everyone was like you. You have both been a pleasure to deal with, friendly, professional, proactive and have done absolutely everything you said you would in the times that you said you would.

What I expected to be a really stressful process turned out to be simple due to the way it was dealt with. The updates and communication have been fantastic from you both. The entire 6 months since my Mum has passed have been tainted with me chasing people to speed things up in order for me to move on and find out what the new normal is. I’m pleased that my last piece of the jigsaw included you as it has restored my faith that there are genuine people out there that go above and beyond and want to make the process easier and be as helpful as possible, I am truly grateful to you both.

KP - April 2019