I needed to set up trustee accounts for my two children who had inherited money from their grandfather. My initial assumption, that this would be easy to do without help, proved incorrect – it is a very confusing and complicated process, and there is little clear guidance available online.

I had nearly given up, and was about to approach a local solicitor as a last resort, when I found Simpson FS online. After reading through their site I realised that they seemed to offer exactly what I needed, so I contacted Lisa.

From that point on I had no concerns at all. After our initial phone conversation, Lisa guided me through every step of the process. She took the time to understand my needs, then found a number of options which provided me with what I needed, explaining the differences and allowing me to make the right choice. She did all the painful admin and form-filling, and everything was sent to me in a timely and professional manner.

The end result was online trustee accounts set up with a private bank which exactly meet the brief, and all done swiftly and smoothly. I would recommend Simpson FS to anyone needing guidance and help choosing and setting up a trustee account.