"Everything already said in previous testimonials we can agree with and appreciate fully. We approached our own bank and had no joy or help with opening a trustee account. We had also approached a specialist bank ourselves but they wanted a substantial initial deposit just to open such an account.

We found Simpson FS on an internet search and at what was already a difficult time, Lisa took the reins and dealt with everything and sourced just the right account for us with a nil opening balance.

It would have been something quite troublesome and time consuming, and expensive, to set up otherwise. We were also more than happy to pay the fee for taking the task off our shoulders. The application went through first time, had we muddled through the form and documentations ourselves we could have had several queries raised and delays as a result. A professional service, excellent communication, complete peace of mind. I will be recommending Lisa to not only my own clients but also to my own IFA.

Very grateful and pleased we found them."