"I am one of 3 Trustees named in a Will and we had no success approaching local banks/building societies for an account that would allow 3 names on the account, or that would allow the size of deposit involved in this case.

I found Simpsons Trustee Accounts service via an internet search and spoke to Lisa, who explained the service offered, fee and timescales. I am pleased to say that Simpsons were very efficient, communicated promptly and clearly, made the rather complex account application form filling relatively easy, and that we now have an account that seems to satisfy our needs.

I say ‘seems’ because the account has been open only a couple of months and we haven’t done any transactions on it yet apart from initial transfer of funds, although I did phone the bank and they answered promptly and were very helpful

Simpsons involvement was a great relief to we Trustees and, based on my experience, I can thoroughly recommend their Trustees Account service."