‘After a long and drawn out probate period, the solicitors informed us that funds from my late Uncle’s estate could be released into a Trust. We just needed to set up a Trustee account. Simple, right?

I couldn’t have been more wrong. None of the high street banks seem to do them anymore and weren’t very helpful when I contacted customer services. It quickly became apparent that this would be yet another long winded hurdle to get over.

Luckily, I came across Simpson Financial Services. They appeared to offer exactly the thing I was after - to source and set up a trustee account.

It sounded too good to be true but a couple of phone calls, a bit of information gathering and a simple form to complete and that was it.

The service was friendly, professional, informed, speedy and, most important of all, it took all the stress out of the situation for me. I was given regular updates throughout each state of the process and was confident I was in safe hands.

Extremely well recommended.’