As a Trustee, you should be aware of the financial requirements of the beneficiaries. You should also be aware of any life tenants contained within the Trust. Do these people need income, capital growth, or both?

Investment styles

You should also be aware of the scope of styles of investment that you can make. This scope is detailed in the Trust Deed and will give very restrictive investment choices, such as bank and building society deposit accounts only. However, it might give far wider powers to include Unit Trusts, Shares and Life Assurance Bonds.

Tax matters

You should also be mindful of the tax position of the beneficiaries, as this will affect which types of Trustee Investments are suitable and which types of investments are not.

We advise Trustees on these factors which affect where the Trustees should invest. We also give advice on who to invest with and why, and we deal with all the paperwork too.

Simpson Financial Services have had many years advising and helping Trustees. Our services range from advice on Trustee investment responsibilities to banking and financial management. If you are a Trustee and need our help or guidance, please contact us in confidence by filling in the form, or telephone 0845 0179 578 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Trustee Investment Accounts