The Trustee is usually considered the most important person in the Trust, and has ultimate responsibility for it. But exactly what that responsibility consists of varies from Trust to Trust. In some instances, it may require daily financial management or the use of a Trustee Investment Account. In others, it will function basically as a savings account, with very little active management required.

  • It is by no means unusual for a Trustee to seek help when it comes to the management of their responsibilities, and Simpson Financial Services has a long history of providing impartial, expert, advice.

    Whether you need help with investing, banking or financial management, or anything else, we can help. If you are a Trustee and need our help or guidance, please contact us in confidence on 0800 6342 111 or via the contact form on this website – we look forward to hearing from you.

    The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate trustee advice.

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