Every Trust has a Trust Deed and Rules, which lays out its fundamental features. We can study this documentation and use it to advise you on which type of bank account is suitable for the Trust in question.

  • Then, we look at all of your banking needs and build a model of what your ideal Trust account would look like. At this stage, we’re looking to answer questions like “would a savings account or a current account be more suitable for this Trust?” or “does the client need online access to their Trustee Bank Account?” Once we have a clear idea of what your Trustee Bank Account should look like, we research the banking market for you, and liaise with a number of potential providers to find out which products on offer are best suited to your requirements.
  • Lastly, we help you to complete the applications process, making sure that you fully understand your new account, have filled out all the forms correctly, and that all the correct supporting documents have been sent to the chosen bank. We’re very proud of our advisory process, and feel that it represents a high service quality standard that’s hard to beat. Best of all, our prices start at just £399, and we guarantee that your Trustee Bank Account will be set up within 28 days (subject to passing the normal credit checks).

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